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The incredible SEA LIFE London, which sits in the very heart of London, is home to one of the world's largest collections of global marine life.

Start your journey on a submarine lift as you’re taken down to the depths of the ocean. Here you will pass sea turtles, seahorses, octopuses, clown fish and many other creatures of the deep. With glass tunnel walkways, feeding zones, touch pools, dive displays and discovery zones all housed in the ultimate aquarium in London, you won't know where to look first!

Ocean Invaders opens on the 1st April to the public at SEA LIFE London, where guests will be able to enter the world of jellyfish through three interactive zones:

  • The first area ‘Discover’: to explore the world of the jellyfish and find out about their lifecycle and incredible survival skills.
  • The Second Area ‘Understand’: to get to know the various species, the most dangerous, and the most spectacular. Guests will have the chance to create their own digital swarm while testing the strength of the jellyfish sting.
  • The third Area ‘Wow’: a jaw dropping spectacular where guests will be completely surrounded by the jellyfish invasion.

This is a permanent addition to SEA LIFE London and included in the entrance price. 


Not only are the Jellyfish beautiful to look at, you’ll also learn all about them, including:

  • Are Jellyfish good for the environment?
  • How long have they been on the planet?
  • How dangerous are they?!

The aquarium includes 15 other zones including our Ocean Tunnel, Shark Walk and Penguin Point! So visitors can also enjoy getting up close to over 10,000 colourful aquatic inhabitants, representing over 600 species in 65 immersive displays.

PLEASE NOTE – your time slot will be automatically booked for you on your chosen date. If you have a preference as to which time slot you would like then please contact us once your booking has been made and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

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SHARK WALK: Start your visit by walking over a glass window with incredible views into our magnificent Pacific display. Take a long look at some of the most majestic creatures in the ocean as they swim just inches beneath your feet!

ATLANTIC DEPTHS: You’ll continue your journey of discovery as you explore the mysterious depths of the Atlantic Ocean! It’s cold, it’s deep… and full of creatures who are truly out of this world! Be dazzled by a sparkling silver shoal of sand eels and meet our Common Octopus, a very intelligent relative of the Snail!

TIDAL REACH: Think British waters are boring? Think again! In Tidal Reach you'll spot brightly coloured Gurnard with whiskery faces and pouting lips, delicate Pipefish weaving amongst the seagrass and Jellyfish pulsing through the water like UFOs!

RAY LAGOON: In the shallow Atlantic waters, beneath an old pier, you'll arrive next at lagoon that is rippling with beautiful Rays! These curious creatures are graceful to watch from above but don't forget to take a look through the window below to see the mouth and gills on the underside of their body as they pass on by. Our eagle eyed guests may even spot a Ray's egg hidden in the sand.

DIVE DISCOVERY: A breathtaking scene awaits you in our Dive Discovery! Flitting around the replica bones of a great Grey Whale are pretty Purple Tangs, rambunctious Triggerfish, stripy Snapper and hundreds more gorgeous tropical fish. Imposing Southern Stingrays patrol the seabed whilst small Cownose Rays dance above their heads.

ROCKPOOL: Have you ever wanted to stroke a Starfish, tickle a Sea Anemone or feel the shell of a Crab? Now’s your chance, because at our rocking Rockpools you can do both! Our experts will be on hand through this unique opportunity to learn more about these fascinating micro-habitats and the incredible creatures that thrive in them.

OCEAN TUNNEL: Take a stroll under the sea as you pass through our amazing glass tunnel. Shoals of glittering fish flutter along beside you whilst enormous Green Sea Turtles glide slowly over your head. Look out for our beautiful Bonnethead, the smallest species of Hammerhead Shark in the world.

PACIFIC WRECK: Fancy a journey through Shark infested waters? We thought so! Plunge deep into the Pacific Ocean to an ancient shipwreck where spectacular sharks cruise serenely past; weaving around the Easter Island Heads. Lookout for our Bowmouth Guitarfish called Betty. She's half shark, half ray!

NEMO'S KINGDOM: Welcome to the coral reef; a kaleidoscope of colour, bustling with activity! These cities of the sea are teaming with fish which come in every shape, colour and pattern you can imagine. This is where you'll find cute Clownfish hiding in the tentacles of Sea Anemones and flamboyant Lionfish which are covered with frilly fins!

SEADRAGON KINGDOM: Seadragons and Seahorses may sound like mythical creatures but here you can see just how real they are! In this kingdom Seahorses grip at seagrass with their curly tails and suck up tiny shrimp with their straw-like snouts. Seadragons bob slowly past the window; with deep purple stripes, splatters of vibrant orange and seaweed-like appendages... you've never seen anything like these before!

RAINFORESTS OF THE WORLD: Step out of the ocean and into the hot and humid rainforest to experience what life is like beneath the tropical treetops. Winding through the roots and tree trunks, rainforest rivers are home to some spectacular fish. Look for the Blind Cave Fish who have no eyes, Piranhas with ruby-red bellies and a Cuban Crocodile called Spice who will give you a menacing smile just snapping distance away. Poison Dart Frogs leap through the foliage and monster Red Tailed Catfish and Black Pacu lurk in the depths.

THAMES WALK: Make the most of your trip to London by learning about the iconic River Thames, what is being done to keep it clean and the surprising animals that live in it. Find out how the river has come back from the dead in recent years as you explore its history, from the Thames Barrier to Westminster Bridge.

PENGUIN POINT: Travel to the frozen extremities of the Antarctic and experience life with a colony of Gentoo Penguins. The more the temperature drops, the more amazing discoveries you’ll make in this icy landscape. Our acrobatic Gentoo Penguins dive, splash and goof about under the water or take some time out to relax or tend to their nests on the land. These lovable birds may spend much of their time playing but they have evolved to live in the most inhospitable landscape on earth!

SHARK REEF ENCOUNTER: In Shark Reef Encounter, life's a beach! We love Sharks and in this tropical paradise we'll show you why. Stroll past the palm trees and sandy dunes to a breathtaking view of life beneath the waves. These Sharks are not as fearsome as they look; If you watch carefully you might see a cheeky little Fish use a Shark's rough skin to scratch an itch or rub off a parasite!

During your visit be sure to take in a feed or two! There are animal feeds taking place throughout the day in different areas of the attraction so you can see for yourself just how sharp a Piranhas teeth are, what a Seahorse eats and how many fish it takes to satisfy a hungry Gentoo Penguin!

 Every feed is accompanied by a family-friendly, fact-filled talk by a member of our Guest Experience team; To ensure that you leave with a head filled with amazing discoveries and cool creature facts!

 Talk and feed times are subject to change. To be sure you won't miss a thing, please enquire about your favorite animal feed on entry.

Feeding Time Creature
11:30AM RAY
12.00PM & 3.00PM PENGUIN
02:30PM SHARK (Tue, Thu & Sat ONLY)


  • The aquarium is fully accessible, and lifts are available to all levels.
  • All paying disabled guests may be accompanied by a carer free of charge.

Opening Days: Daily year round excluding 25 December.

Opening Times: Monday – Friday 10.00 - 17.00 (last entry 17.00) and Saturday – Sunday 09.30 - 18.00 (last entry 18.00). School Holiday opening times vary. All times are subject to change and we recommend checking the attraction’s website before visiting.

Address: SEA LIFE London, County Hall, Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7PB. SEA LIFE London is located on the South bank of the river Thames, within the County Hall building. Situated right next to the London Eye, just over Westminster Bridge from Big Ben and The Houses of Parliament.

Tube information: The nearest tube stations are Westminster and Waterloo. Westminster tube is on the Circle, Jubilee and District lines. From Westminster, exit onto Westminster Bridge (Exit 1) and then cross over the Bridge. London Aquarium is visible from the Bridge. Waterloo tube is on the Northern, Bakerloo, Waterloo & City lines. From Waterloo follow the exit signs for the South Bank (Exit 6) and walk towards the London Eye. London Aquarium is in County Hall, next to the Eye.

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